Announcing the NO6B-RBI remote base interface
Expanding repeater connectivity by offering more remote base radio choices

For years repeater owners wanting to add a full-featured VHF/UHF FM remote base to their repeater systems had very few choices. For a while the Doug Hall Electronics RBI-1 remote base interface offered a convenient, versatile solution, interfacing several popular Kenwood radios to many models of repeater controllers via the “DHE generic” (also known as “RBI”) data format, a one-way synchronous serial controller to-RBI protocol implemented in the repeater controller. Today the RBI-1 is long since out of production as are the Kenwood radios it was designed to interface. Both are still in high demand & as a result are rarely found on the used market. Some newer radios can be partially controlled by sending DTMF tones through the mic input but don’t offer complete remote control (full frequency and CTCSS controllability). Some controllers offer direct communications capability with certain HF/VHF/UHF multimode radios – a viable but pricey alternative if all you want is a 2 meter remote base!

The NO6B-RBI was developed out of frustration over the lack of connectivity between reasonable quality radios and repeater controllers. Radios like the Yaesu FT-8500 have full remote control capability via a built-in serial input, yet no repeater controllers will directly communicate with this radio. The NO6B-RBI fills this gap & makes this radio fully controllable from any repeater controller that has RBI control capability. The NO6B-RBI can also interface a Kenwood TM-G707. Configuring the NO6B-RBI for communication with either the FT-8500 or TM-G707 is as simple as sending an RBI frequency change command to the unit. Connecting the NO6B-RBI to the controller & remote base radio is quite simple. The radio port interface connector on the NO6B-RBI is wired to be pin-compatible with radio ports on Link Communications repeater controllers. This means you can use a simple straight through (not null modem) DB9 male to female data cable to connect the radio port on the controller to the NO6B-RBI. The connection to the remote base radio is made on its 6 pin “packet” connector. This connector is nothing more than a common PS/2 connector, so a male to male PS/2 cable is used to connect the radio to the NO6B-RBI. In fact, if you’re using a Link Comm controller, the only interface cable you’ll need to make is the data interface cable between the NO6B-RBI & your repeater controller’s digital I/O port. This connector & associated wiring is different for every model of repeater controller, so it is difficult to supply one for every model of controller. The manual provided with the NO6B-RBI includes the wiring information for the controller data port so you can build your own interface cable if one isn’t provided.

All of the prototypes previously advertised here have been sold. However, I've had some PC boards made & have started building a few units similar in appearance to the unit picured. I'm offering each for $120 shipped. Everything you need to connect to your remote base radio & repeater controller is included except for the power cable (a 5.5 mm coaxial power plug is provided).

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